Glow Your Skin By Using Green Tea Bag On Face

green tea for acne

Re-Use The Tea Bag After Use:

Every time you read about green tea it tells you about its health benefits but wait for its not the end if you have finished your cup of green tea and about to discard the tea bag let me tell you that it doesn’t just end here and  if you use that green  tea bag on your face can do wonders on your skin.
Green tea can improve your skin. You can also improve your skin if you choose to consume green tea regularly. You will see significant improvements in your skin with green tea consumption. This is why green tea can be so beneficial to you, your skin, and your health. However, the amount of time it takes you to reach your skin’s potential for improvement may be dependent on your lifestyle and the type of tea.

There are many theories regarding the effects of green tea on the skin, including Green tea has antioxidant properties, which helps with free radical damage to the skin, and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Green tea has a mild diuretic effect.  Green tea contains a polyphenol called EGCG, which can help with reducing……..

Green Tea For Skin:

Green tea is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-aging compounds. One compound is polyphenols, which have been shown to help heal wounds, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture, and even improve the skin’s ability to absorb and use nutrients.
Green tea is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-aging drink. It will also make your skin look smoother and more youthful. But there is a downside: it can leave you feeling oily. To prevent this, you can apply green tea oil before you shower to keep your skin healthy and radiant. For a more effective green tea treatment, try using green tea bags as a face mask in addition to tea.

Green Tea Bag for Face Acne:

Green tea has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to heal and soothe your skin.
This is particularly true if you are experiencing the effects of acne or are prone to it as it contains polyphenols which when applied to skin reduces sebum secretions which are the main cause of acne. additionally, these polyphenols also help in controlling infection by damaging bacterial membranes which help in controlling bacterial growth which eventually going to causes acne.

green tea for acne

Green Tea Bag as Toner:

if you run out from facial toner no need to worry at all you can just make your own toner with green tea it is very simple
  • Just take a cup of water to boil with a green tea bag in it for 15 minutes
  • Put it in a bottle and add 30 drops of essential oil (will helps to treat acne as well)
  • you can add lemon as well for skin brightness and honey for anti-aging benefits.
You can use this homemade toner right after washing the face twice a day just put it on your face and let it dry itself.

Green Tea for Eye Puffiness:

Due to busy lifestyle, many people won’t have time to sleep as much and on top of that for a whole day they are in front of there computer screen which not only damages the eyes but also make dark puffy circles around the eyes.
Used tea bags come into play here as well just after you finish your cup of green tea put the tea bag in freezer for few minutes after that just take it out and put it on your eyes for few moments repeat this for a week and feel the difference.
green tea bag on face

green tea bag on the face

I hope you have got a lot of ideas to reuse the tea bags after having tea and from now onwards you will be able to make use of it on your skin. if you know about any other remedy do let us know in the comments below.

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