Ultimate Guide For Growing Green Tea Plant in Backyard

green tea plant

Green Tea Plant:

Green tea is most refreshing and healthiest beverage that exist in this world  so starting a day with green tea helps your body to relax and refresh but in this economy where the prices for basic things are sky high it is very difficult to buy green tea for everyday use which leaves you with the only option of growing green tea plant in your garden.


green tea plant

Growing green tea plant is very easy don’t worry you won’t need to purchase services from your local gardener Tea trees can be grown at home with a little bit of care and knowledge.
But before you try to grow this first get yourself familiarise with the tea plant. Green tea is made from the leaves of “Camellia Sinensis” which is the species of evergreen shrub or small tree and its leaves are used to produce tea.
Camellia Sinensis is used to produce black tea, white tea, and green tea.  these leaves are used directly for green tea but for others, it will need further processing by oxidation and withering.

Origin Of Green Tea Plant:

The tea plant was first originated in southwest china in 2737 B.C.E when emperor was boiling water in his garden and leaf from camellia Sinensis dipped into his pot mixture of it made a different taste which compelled emperor to research further on this leaf to analyze its benefits.

Tea Plant Varieties and Growing conditions:

Camellia sinensis or green tea plant is originated in China and grown there on a large scale but the best conditions for this to grow in cooler temperatures and high elevation as in US Hawaii has got the most favorable conditions for this plant to grow and it can grown in backyard or a pot as well many Gardner grow it as a shrub but if you don,t cut it may grow into a small tree and many farmers believe that that taller the tea plant is the more nutrient-rich it will be
whereas Camellia sinensis assamica (Indian tea or Camellia sinensis in Hindi) thrives in northern parts of India and is more tropical with larger leaves and is mostly used for black tea.

green tea plant

Growing A Green Tea Plant:

 Here are some tips and tricks for growing tea tree from your garden.
The green tea plant can be grown by cutting it from the existing tree or buying a new one from the local nursery and putting it in sandy soil which is a bit acidic if you bought a seed it will need about 4 weeks for germination just cover the seeds in the soil.
Plant a tea tree in a sunny spot.  Planting them in pots will only result in the tea tree growing up in pots.  You want it to grow in a natural environment.
Next, water the tea tree well.  The plants need a constant supply of water.  You can buy  “Tea Tree Water” from the nursery you bought the tea tree from.  This water will help the tea tree to thrive.
When the time comes to cut the tea tree back, make sure you cut it back in the right direction don’t start harvesting the tea plant unless it reaches the age of 3.

Harvesting and Processing Your Tea Leaves:

Once your tea plant reaches an age of 3 it is ready to harvest you can cut its leaves to make black, green or oolong tea.
To make green tea,
  • Pluck the leaves from your tea plant look for young leaves at the top.
  • let the leaves dry for few hours in shade.
  • steam those dried leaves for about 1 to 2 minutes on stove.
  • spread those steamed leaves on a baking sheet and put them in the oven on a temperature of 250 F for about 20 minutes for drying.
  • store those leaves in an airtight container and use it when needed.

green tea plant

If you have grown a tea plant in your garden you will be able to enjoy green tea from it for next two decades so readers grow your green tea plant to eliminate the expense of buying green tea from supermarkets.

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