The A -Z of Green Tea With Honey

green tea with honey

Green Tea With Honey:

Green tea if you put honey in it can do miracles if you are concerned about your weight as its a known fact that just use green tea with honey early in the morning with an empty stomach to see the change not in weeks but in days.

green tea with honey

Why Add Honey in Green Tea:

There are two main reasons for you to add honey with your green tea first is to add some sweet taste in it and second is to gain some health benefits from it. if your aim is to add sweeter taste than add honey sugar or whatever you want it doesn’t matter but if you are trying to get most claimed benefit of weight loss from it then you must consider few things.

How to Use Honey With Green Tea:

The honey must be real raw forest honey not the farmed one as it wont give any benefit other than adding taste secondly if you boil the honey with water results in killing all the micro bacterial organisms which were going to help in weight loss as these are very sensitive to temperature so to get a benefit from green tea with honey you will have to consume the lukewarm green tea and honey will be added after the green tea is ready.

Green Tea Side Effects:

Tea is second most consumed beverage after water it is originated from china but now used widely in the whole universe around 80 % people use black tea and 20% use green tea which is made from unoxidized leaves and so is less processed among all and therefore contains most antioxidants and is healthy no matter you use it with lemon honey or anything else.
There is no evidence related to any major contradictions or side effects related to green tea but still few things should be kept in mind that green tea is rich in caffeine so if you are caffeine sensitive you may experience insomnia, anxiety nausea or severe headache.
People who are taking blood thinners such as Coumadin should avoid taking green tea as it reduces the clotting effectiveness of platelets it can also increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Green Tea Calories:

For a normal serving size, 8 fl oz which is around 240 ml the calories you will get from it is 60 which means a cup of green tea with lemon gives 60 calories which you will burn in 9 minutes of cycling or 6 minutes of running.

green tea with honey

Green Tea  Before Going to Bed:

caffeinated tea doesn’t matter black, red or green  can cause some issues related to sleep but it only contain minute amount of caffeine so it doesn’t really matters a lot if you are having green tea at night as it refreshes your mind and gives soothing effect and alot of people experienced that they felt more fresh next morning.
considering its benefits one can have green tea any time morning afternoon or evening and every time it will give you health benefits for sure. doctors suggest that you should have a cup of green tea after every meal as it will help indigestion.
Having Green Tea before you go to bed will help you in a number of ways  :
  1. It will help you sleep better
  2. It will make your brain function better and keep you alert
  3. Green Tea increased fat burning
  4. Green Tea helps in improving dental health
  5. Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes.

Green Tea with Honey in Empty Stomach:

Some people claim that green tea helps in weight loss if you drink that early in the morning but there is no evidence to that contrary to that drinking green tea empty stomach can cause an empty stomach as green tea contains polyphenols which increase stomach acid due to which person may experience stomach ache so it is recommended to avoid it empty stomach and you should only drink between the meals or after the meals.

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